CSA Pick-up Locations

If you wish to host a Tiny Seed Farm Pick-up location email us @ Todd@tinyseedfarmpgh.com.  


You must have at least 10 people at your location to become a host.

Lawrenceville - 

Reed & Co.

-4113 Butler St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201-

Allison Park

Tiny Seed Farm pick-up @ Simon's Farm Market

-4312 Middle Rd. Allison Park, PA 15101

Squirrel Hill - 

The Home of Pete and Hannah Cormas

-4612 Plummer St. Pgh PA 15201- 

Troy Hill - 

Pear and The Pickle

-1800 Rialto St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212- 

Millvale -

Baby Loves Tacos

-416 Lincoln Ave; Millvale, Pennsylvania 15209.