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About Us

Tiny Seed Farm

Tiny Seed Farm was founded with the idea that fresh local produce should be available to all.   We are devoted to bringing the highest quality, most nutritionally dense produce to our community as possible.  We envision a future in which small scale agriculture will speckle western PA creating a strong connection between the community and the people growing our food.  

Founding Member: Todd Wilson

Todd has been involved in agriculture in Western PA for many years.  First, research into energy use in agriculture while attending the University of Pittsburgh opened Todd’s eyes to the industrial nature of our agricultural system.  The fact that his food was better traveled than he was became quite troubling.  Further, the fact that food was grown for an industrial system focused not on the nutritional value of a product, but superficial characteristics such as uniformity and ease of transport seemed counterintuitive.


Todd fought the diminishing nutritional value of the tomato, say, by becoming involved in growing his own food.  First, Todd gardened with friends and neighbors in vacant lots in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh.  Later, Todd worked with the non-profit Grow Pittsburgh farming at the Braddock Farm.  

After an internship with Grow Pittsburgh, Todd worked as an employee for the Kretschmann Family Organic Farm.  There Todd learned the importance of efficiency in farming, and many skills that will be used for years to come.  It is Todd’s hope that Pennsylvania farms large and small can work together to create a more accessible local agriculture. 

The Crew

The Crew at Tiny Seed Farm is largely made up of volunteers and work share individuals from our community. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or applying for a workshare position please email us!

If you would like to apply for employment at Tiny Seed Farm Click Here:


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